A Perfect Fit

A Belle Short — No. 1

A Few Words

Belle and Leo have the perfect relationship—they love, they lust, they laugh. But there’s one thing missing: they still haven’t fulfilled their fantasy of having a threesome. So far, Belle’s jealousy has made it impossible for her to share.

For her birthday, Leo surprises her with a trip to a lingerie boutique. Unsure of his motives, she lets the gorgeous saleswoman, Ariana, help her choose a few outfits to try.

Once they’re alone in the luxe dressing room, Ariana stops behaving like a typical saleswoman. Each “accidental” touch pulls Belle closer and closer to the edge of temptation, and she must decide whether she’ll give in. If she does, what will it mean for her relationship with Leo? Is there room for Ariana in their bedroom? Their lives?

“A Perfect Fit” kicks off the Belle Shorts series, the gripping tale of a loving couple on a tumultuous and thrilling journey of sexual exploration.

This title contains explicit adult content, mild domination, and first-time girl-on-girl sex that lays the groundwork for an FFM threesome.

What People Are Saying

Every now and then as a reader, you stumble across something that proceeds to blow you away out of the blue. Such it was with this piece. . . . [T]he pacing and energy of this story set it apart. As simple as the setting is, the author builds the heat and intensity to a fever pitch as Belle and Ariana tentatively explore their attraction to each other. All of it feels real, not rushed or forced. This is one of those stories you can imagine the author having to repeatedly pause in writing in order to relieve the tension she’s built up.

There’s a nice twist at the end, and a promise of more to come. I definitely want to read what happens next.

— Michael Dalton Bestselling author of The Wizard’s Daughters and Vector

FANTASTIC read. My first by this author, but it won’t be the last. It had the perfect amount of steam and surprise . . . . Congratulations to Monroe. Looking forward to more!

— KT Jameson Author of The Doctor’s Cure