Herein lies a compilation of the questions posed to us most frequently.

Purchasing Direct

Can I buy books directly from Meier Ink?

Not yet. We’d like to offer this option in the future, but we want to make shopping with us a very high quality experience. It will take some time to build the necessary infrastructure.

Exchanging Formats

I purchased one of your books on Kindle, and now I want to read it on Nook/iBooks/Kobo. Will you send me the EPUB version? (Also sometimes asked in the reverse.)

Unfortunately, our retailers do not provide us with information that would allow us to verify your purchase, so we cannot send you a file.

We don’t apply DRM to our titles, so you may be able to convert your copy to the correct format using third-party software. We allow this if it is for personal use (see: Why Readers Love Us).

Do you sell print books?

Not at this time.

This was a tough decision because we love print books. We grew up reading them. We collect them. But in order to offer a high quality experience to readers and high royalties to our authors, we’ve elected to publish digital books only for the time being.

Eventually, we would like to offer high-end print editions of some of our best titles. For the collectors out there.

Publish Me

Will you publish my work?

Please see our Submission Guidelines for more information.

Flat-fee Services

Do you offer flat-fee services to independent authors, such as ebook creation, cover art, editing, marketing, etc.?

No. While we do excel at these things, our expertise is reserved for the authors publishing with us.