About M Erotica

Erotica, elevated.

Great literature is a window to humanity. When we experience a beautifully-authored story, we feel something. In doing so, we gain a certain understanding that is impossible to achieve any other way. We learn something about ourselves, about what it means to be human.

Of all the major aspects of human life, sexuality remains the most mysterious. Passionately celebrated and vigorously demonized, it can be a source of immense satisfaction and of crippling shame. The good that comes from sex is really good. The bad is particularly bad.

What if we could do away with the bad? What if we could take control and guiltlessly experience the full intensity of our sexuality, the beauty of intimacy, the satisfaction of knowing our true selves?

But to master our sexuality is to understand it, and that can be tricky. A person could study biology for a lifetime and never scratch the surface of what it is to be a sexual creature. That’s because it’s not about facts and figures; it’s about feelings and experiences.

Indeed, given the nature of sexuality, it would seem that literature is particularly well suited to illuminate the subject. And yet, it remains underrepresented as an area of focus in well-regarded fiction.

The truth is we don’t feel very free to explore it. There’s a lot of social pressure to stay away, and most do. Many feign indifference or disgust even as they themselves are privately consumed by desire. The only way to overcome this is to stop reinforcing the shame and confusion that surrounds the subject, even if it makes us vulnerable to judgment.

And that brings us to M Erotica.

M Erotica is Meier Ink’s recognition that erotica is more than just a legitimate genre of literature; it’s an essential one. The intimate, the sensual, the sexy and the strange. All aspects of human sexuality warrant exploration. More and more readers are demanding it, and the state of the genre is sorely lacking.

We want to elevate erotica to a higher level. We’re going to do it by publishing stories of high quality, with the same powerful elements as our favorite titles in other genres.

The true value of well-crafted erotica is not mere physical arousal—though that can be a pleasant part of the experience. In fact, its value is not very different from any other genre. Literature helps us understand something about ourselves, and erotica in specific is exceptional because it helps us explore a part of ourselves we may otherwise never know.

In a nutshell: Erotica is literature, and literature is of tremendous value.