About Meier Ink

The modern book publisher.

The creation and consumption of books has a long history, and is indisputably one of humanity’s most impactful pursuits. Yet, somewhere along the way, book publishing fell behind.

We’d like to fix that.

We are not a traditional publisher. We embrace new technologies and business models, so that we might improve the experience of reading and discovering new books. And because our operation focuses on efficiency and agility, we are able to offer our authors a larger share of our profits.

We are not an indie publisher, either. Indie publishing as a culture mostly suffers from the same staleness, the same allegiance to the Old School of Publishing. In the worst of cases, this is compounded by a proud denouncement of mainstream success. Low profits and a small readership are adopted as core goals and regarded as indispensable in the pursuit of high art. In short, literary value, as defined by many indie publishers, is only possible in the absence of actual value.

That certainly doesn’t describe our philosophy. Indeed, it is our antithesis. We are not here to do things differently for the sake of being different. Rather, we are here to do things better. To give readers a better reading experience, and to take care of our authors in a way that no other publisher does.