Why Readers Love Us

Authorship. Elegance. Trust.

Readers love us because we care deeply about their reading experience. There are three rare ingredients with which we craft our books.


A book is only as good as its words.

We are selective. Each title we publish is a powerful representative of its genre, with masterful prose and evocative storytelling. When you see our imprint on a book, you’ll know it’s passed a rigorous test for quality.

It could be said that we emphasize quality over quantity, and that is true. But we’d like to accumulate a large quantity of it, too.


We recognize that a book is a piece of art, and while words are indeed its most important feature, the text of a piece is not the only element that deserves careful attention.

We aren’t satisfied with the state of ebook technology; we have high hopes for the future. Yet, we push against current limits with all we can muster, and the results are impressive. From the cover art to the spacing of paragraphs, we refine each facet of our titles to fit our vision of what a book should be.

And as we extend this philosophy to our website, we hope to create a more elegant way to discover high quality books. An alternative we think you’ll prefer to the sprawling morass of butchered text, ugly ads, and blurry orange links you’ll find elsewhere.


We believe in copyrights. They are an important cog in the engine that generates high quality books. Without them, book creators would be unable to survive on their craft alone, and we would all suffer for it.

To protect copyrights, publishers devised a technology called Digital Rights Management (DRM). In a nutshell, DRM prevents you from experiencing the media you purchase unless you have a key of some sort to unlock it.

For example, when you read a DRM-enabled book on Amazon’s Kindle, the Kindle (or Kindle app) verifies that you’ve purchased the book, and then unlocks it for you. As many of you know, if you were to take such a book outside of Amazon’s ecosystem, or if—for whatever reason—Amazon were to deny you access to your account with them, you would remain locked out and unable to read the book you purchased.

We don’t like this. We think it detracts significantly from the reading experience. And so, in opposition to industry norms, we’ve elected to try out a bold alternative: Trust.

We’ve decided to trust our readers not to violate our copyrights. We want you to be able to purchase our books and read them on whatever device you like—assuming the device supports the file format, of course.

None of our books have DRM enabled. For your own personal use, you can do what you like with them. Just don’t share them with people who haven’t purchased them.

We trust you.